Street Credibility is Trust, Authority, Social Proof and Recognition

We are Entrepreneurs at Heart

When your “Perfect” client seeks out THE EXPERT in the Braces and Orthodontics Industry , who do you want them to see? You or your competitor?

Targeted Visibility gets Targeted Leads. You need one to get the other. Classic chicken and egg case. And that's why our Street Credibility Bundle is so powerful. It's not about volume of leads. It is really about maximizing your online exposure to highly targeted "Perfect Clients"


Roy Wingate & Team have successful first-hand experience in building our own  companies (since 1973 ) and we can help you build & market yours.

We Create Websites, Videos, and Press Releases.... first Rank them on Page 1 of Google Searches.... then Rent them to Dental Professionals seeking New Clients, Trust, Social Proof, & Credibility...

These Digital Assets are

"Road Signs"sign Pointing to your Original Website, Address, Phone Number & Linking to your ORIGINAL WEBSITE. It can be handed over to you in less than 24 hours-just like that...

Where do you turn when sales are falling and your competition is grabbing your market share and you feel like your business strategy has entered into survival mode? Perhaps, just getting through till the end of the week might even be viewed as an accomplishment?

Our team of creative professionals understands how to balance creativity and functionality to craft compelling communications that motivate your target audience to respond. We understand the hot buttons that drive response, and the right media mix to efficiently and effectively reach your market.

If your goal is to rank number one in the search engines, collect new leads for sales or create a web presence, we know methods to get you there. The Insight team knows how to increase your visibility online and get more contacts to your website.

Your Customers are Trying to Find You......  "If You Can't be Found in 3 Seconds.............. You Don't Exist"

 Trust, Authority, Social Proof and Recognition

We create digital resources to help connect people looking for Braces,  Orthodontics & Other Cosmetic Dentistry help.... with Experts.

That’s how Roy Wingate Dental Consultants help their clients develop street credibility and gain the largest share of the Cosmetic Dentistry market in your city.


The Cosmetic Dental Industry is highly competitive and constantly changing as consumer lifestyles and the economy evolve. In order to exceed in this industry, dental practices need the best marketing available. Roy Wingate Dental Consultants are business marketing experts that specialize in promoting Cosmetic Dental Practices. 

Dominating the Internet search engines, designing the right website, developing videos that highlight the best projects in their client’s portfolio, establishing a presence in local media, planning a marketing strategy that fits their client’s expectations and budget, and making sure that their clients are well recognized and trusted in their service area are key deliverables that Roy Wingate Dental Consultants can provide for their clients.


 Today’s consumers search the Internet first when they decide to find a Cosmetic Dentist.  No matter how well established a dentist is, they need a world wide web presence that will place them at the top of any Internet search in their city. Roy Wingate is a business marketing expert with over forty-three years of experience. His Insight team employs state-of-the-art technological solutions to ensure that their client’s websites have the strongest digital footprint, generate the most leads and attract the most interest for consumers in their service area. 

There is virtually an unlimited number of new patients available for the cosmetic dentist. However, the Cosmetic Dental Practice that will dominate this market is the one with the best marketing, the highest name recognition and the best reputation.


 From start to finish, Roy Wingate and his associates help their clients establish and maintain a website, build sales videos, and create press releases. As a publicity expert, Roy Wingate knows how to effectively communicate to potential customers looking for Cosmetic Dentistry. His creative team can find the exact words and images to hook new patients and compel them to respond, that is, to drive them right to his client’s doorsteps.


 As a publishing expert, Roy Wingate helps his clients produce eye-catching marketing collateral that close the deal on new sales. Able to be both creative and practical, his team understands the industry and knows how to convince consumers to invest in a Cosmetic Dentist.

 As business consultants, Roy Wingate and his team can carefully craft a strategic marketing plan for each client, ensuring that they achieve all of their business objectives. Roy Wingate Dental Consultants keep abreast on trends in the Orthodontics industry. They understand social media and how to use it to track events or consumer interest that affect the industry in a specific city or region of the country. They know where the industry is heading and how to use that knowledge to structure their client’s marketing plans to take full advantage of new trends. Roy Wingate Dental Consultants are practical, understanding that each company has a specific budget in mind for their marketing efforts. Most of all, Roy Wingate Dental Consultants is dedicated to making their clients number one in the Orthodontics industry in their city and surrounding area. 

 The cosmetic dental industry is tough, relying on a growing economy and expanding real estate market. Competitors in this industry need all the advantages they can find. Understanding consumer needs, as well as trends in design, materials, and functionality are key to building a successful cosmetic dentistry business. That’s where Roy Wingate Dental Consultants make all the difference.


 Patients want an orthodontist that they can trust to get the job done, on time and on budget. Roy Wingate Dental Consultants knows how to highlight their client’s experience and success so that trust is conveyed to potential patients.

 Roy Wingate Dental Consultants help establish an industry reputation for their clients that conveys the authority they have in their market.


 Roy Wingate Dental Consultants capitalize on their clients’ past successful projects to prove to their market that they are the Cosmetic Dentist to choose.


 Roy Wingate Dental Consultants help their clients become the most recognized name in Orthodontics in their service area.


"If You Can't be Found in 3 Seconds, You Don't Exist"


The  Cosmetic Dental Practice that achieves this scale of “Digital Footprint” receives Trust, Authority, Social Proof, and Recognition as the #1 Professional in your city


You Need a System that Goes Beyond Simple, Conventional, Executive Coaching

We are a  small band of insanely dedicated people bent on securing the success of each of our clients. Roy Wingate Dental Consultants is a good fit for businesses who take their marketing seriously.

You Will be Happy with the Results We Get For You.

I Promise

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In 2017 and beyond, “Street Credibility” is the only way to stand out in the crowd. You Must Dominate the search results for multiple keywords. For Success, you must own a Huge “Digital Footprint” in the search results. In other words, you must be EVERYWHERE.

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