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Bringing Everything You Need to Market Online Into One Place

In today’s ever-changing digital world, saying that we are “digital marketers” isn’t quite enough. Instead, we consider ourselves an adept team of creative digital strategists, and we thrive off of crafting finely tuned and unique strategies for our partners.

If you're going to have a website to help market and sell your products and services, you need to be on Page 1 of Google and other search engines, and everything you do to build and maintain your website must support and contribute to that goal.

Gone are the days when someone would find your business in a phone book or by just driving past. Everything is now done on a laptop or smartphone. The internet is where it’s at. There is no denying that in today’s world, cyberspace is where buying decisions are made, and that is where you want to be.

It breaks down to this – enable people to easily find you online, get those people to convert to leads on your website, and turn those leads into sales. Simple enough, right? Now is the time to make all of this happen, and luckily for you, this is what we specialize in.

We Build a Street Credibility Bundle for You

As more and more marketing spending moves to online media, it’s more important than ever to know exactly where you should be spending your limited resources for the best return on investment.

Your Brand is Who You Are

The imagery and tone of voice you use, the content you write, the logo that represents you, even the culture of your organization—it all makes up who you are and how you’re received in the community. There’s a lot that can go into the branding of an organization, and creating this identity can, at times, be a challenge. It involves defining the purpose of your brand, outlining how that aligns with your audience and goals, and shaping how you tell your story.

The way we all make decisions has changed.

What used to be a linear process has evolved into something much more fluid, something that relies on personal engagement and education more than it does impulse and pushy sales techniques. People are now actively seeking out expertly-crafted content that helps them solve their challenges, and they give their business to those organizations who do that best; this is done through digital marketing.

What does that mean for you? It means more leads; it means more sales; and even more that that, it means growing your organization organically, through the power of digital marketing.

Every decision we make begins and ends with strategy. We seek out insights on what your specific marketing goals are, who your ideal audience is, and how we can help you get to where you need to be. Then, we package all that up, present it to you, and hit the ground running on driving measurable results.

You Want Your Marketing to Pay Off

You're probably using traditional tactics that are no longer yielding results like they used to. And maybe you can't tell if you're getting any ROI whatsoever. If you’re not sure how effective your marketing program is we can help you understand Internet marketing, and how it can help you to get better quality leads and more sales.

Google search algorithms are greatly affected by the way your Web pages are configured, how those pages are linked, and the amount of copy on each. The number of keywords within that copy is yet another factor, and so is the relative speed by which your website downloads.

In today's market place having a static catalog website is not enough. Successful Internet Presence is measured in how big your Digital Footprint is. Your Digital Footprint is everything online that has your name on it.Therefore, the larger the Digital Footprint, the more chances people will find you when they search. And the more times you are seen, the more credibility you have. It's Reputation Management.

"If you can’t be Found in 3 seconds, you don’t exist"…..

In 2017 and beyond, “Street Credibility” is the only way to stand out in the crowd. You Must Dominate the search results for multiple keywords. For Success, you must own a Huge “Digital Footprint” in the search results. In other words, you must be EVERYWHERE.

The Dental Practice that achieves this scale of “Digital Footprint” receives Trust, Authority, Social Proof, and Recognition as the #1 Professional in your city, Because Google puts your name at the top of searches for Affordable Braces, Affordable Orthodontics and Multipal other search words, in your city.

Getting new clients is very important, however being seen as the market leader with massive credibility is the goal we strive to accomplish with our Street Credibility Bundle. Getting new clients is the by-product of this huge Street Credibility Bundle.

**We will transfer the entire site to your business-for your exclusive use. You simply lease it and get all the perks of it. It will be set where all calls, messages, leads-everything- points to you. We will add a brief Bio about you and your business to it. It can be handed over to you in less than 24 hours-just like that. Let me know if you want to lock it down.

We can offer this Digital Bundle to only one Dentist in each city. And you will get the full turn key package with 1 of 2 options...

(1) You can get it Monthly (no locked in commitment)


(2) We can make it available to you to lock it down for an entire year  (where you get 4 months for nada)

Heres What Ya Get...

  1. Two (2) 12 Page Websites (already on page one of Google)
  2. Each website Page has your Business Name, Address, and Phone
  3. Your prospective client has multipal opportunities to link out to your original website
  4. Eight (8) Videos (all Pointing to Your Websites)
  5. Nine (9) Press Releases (Promoting your Original website and your new Credibility Bundle Websites)
  6.  Eight (8) PDFs pointing to your Bundle Websites

Roy Wingate Dental Consultants

Which Option works best for you?

  • Upon Renting of Street Credibility  Bundle...3 Press Releases... Promoting Your Company's Original Website and Your New Bundle Websites
  • 6 More Press Releases Throughout the Year, one every 60 days
  • Total of 9 Press Releases, with a value of $9,000
  • Media Room Set Up for Your Business Within Our Press Release Outlet (You will receive details on each Press Release including each media outlet that picked up your Press Release)
  • Press Releases Accepted by approx.  200 News Outlets

  • Maintenance and Monitoring of All Digital Assets
  • Street Credibility Bundle Rents on a month to month  Basis 
  • **Or Discounted for Annual payment (4 Months for Nada)
  • We Accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover,
  •  and Bank Wire Transfer
  • Google Page One Rankings with our Proprietary Software
  • Rankings for Multiple Keywords
  • Website & Videos Already Exist and Ranking in Google
  • https Secure on All Pages
  • Someone Will Rent this Bundle in YOUR CITY the Next Few Days
  • ***Contact us Today and we will provide you with a Written Proposal

  • Consider How Much it will Cost You
  • if you Don’t Rent this Street Credibility Bundle
  • and a Competitor Does 



Call me (Roy Wingate) Today, Before your competitor does...432-352-6570

We Help Small Businesses and Organizations Achieve Competitive Advantage With Smart Marketing

With the entire concept of online marketing constantly evolving, it’s important every business identifies strategies to develop and integrate solutions that generate new business. That’s our goal – to make sure all our clients grow their businesses in unique and positive ways.

You will be Happy with the Results We get for You....

I Promise

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